Casting Interactive Short Film


Good morning,

My name is Chloé and I’m a Student Academy Award Finalist filmmaker.

I’m holding a casting call for an interactive short film I’m directing. It is backed by an LA production company.


I’m looking to film either June 23, 24, 25 or June 30 and July 1 and 2nd.


This is a low budget shoot. We have budgeted to pay principal actors 100/day. Extras will not receive payment, but they will get credits and food!


Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.







SYNOPSIS – After a messy breakup, Zoe attends a cuddle party–a gathering where millenials platonically cuddle–to find clarity.

Zoe will have to confront her desire to be in constant contact with her ex throughout the cuddle party, making him believe that she is moving on and trying to figure out the important news he wants to share with her.

In this interactive short film the viewer will have the ability to make decisions for Zoe, guiding her through her emotional journey.

GARRETT (PAID) – Garrett (mid/late 20’s)–Deadpan and brilliant with a dash of brutal honesty–traits which usually leave him alienated among his peers.

Garrett has vowed to remain pure from the evils of technology, but finds himself further isolated as a result. Kind of socially awkward.

HEATHER (20’s) (PAID) –The cuddle party facilitator. She is the voice of reason and the chief organizer.

She touts a casual, free-love philosophy, but is secretly a control freak.

CUDDLE PARTY ATTENDEES (NON-PAID) – (20’s) Young, interesting people who have unique features to play liberal and open-minded millenials.

People of all shapes, sizes, races, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply for these roles.
LOCATION:  Charlotte,  NC

SHOOT  DATES:  June  23,  24,  25  OR  June  30,  July1,  July  2nd
****Please  email  headshot  and  resume  to        leaver.