Southern BG Casting

Urgent post regarding Church scene 6/15.

We have found out they want everyone who we booked for the 15th to ALSO work on the 14th.

So if we booked you please look for our text we just sent out.

Please reply with a YES IF you can you work both dates.

IF you cant work both the 14th and 15th then we must cancel you for the 15th.

If you have not been booked and can work both the 6/14th &6/15th these are later calls and on the 15th will be a night call.

Ages 18-80. MUST have winter wear, boots. Rate 88/10 SUBJECT: NEW church

Booking a scene for people who have NEVER worked Bad moms yet.

Do not submit if you have been booked.

I need upscale men and women, yuppie types, Whole food type shoppers.

Also need UPSCALE cars BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar etc. or Hybrid types. Year 2010 or newer.

NO red white or black.

Work date 6/13 rate 88/10 If booked with car 25 car bump. Morning call time. Subject: Whole food shopper OR Whole food shopper w/car

please send a current photo of yourself and if you have a appropriate car a photo with year make model and color.

Again must be a new face.