CDC Extras Savannah

Hey everyone!

So here is an update on the “Vampire Wedding,” working Thursday and Friday (June 8-9) (2 day call).

Both days will be a mid-afternoon report time. I don’t have the time. I won’t have it until the day before.

It could be noon. It could be 4 PM. It will shoot well past dark. It could be 11 PM. It could be 2:30 AM.

Do NOT submit unless you have open avail.

I CAN use you again if you have already worked it.

Especially looking for people who have their own goth make-up. (Not required, but very helpful.)

The look is ALL BLACK. Think “goth.” Black jeans. Black ripped t-shirts. Black tank tops. Black dresses. Black bustiers. Black suits.

If you have vampire attire, bring that too! But as of now, it’s ALL BLACK.

I’m booking on certain ages, so right now I’m looking for people 17-40 years old.

And must have a social security number.

Must be at least 17 years old.

Assume (as any show) it works all day. ALL DAY MEANS ALL DAY. Do not make any plans. Do not submit if you are not available all day. All day could mean 6 AM. It could mean noon.

We never get times until the day before, but we have a good idea if it will shoot past midnight and it is noted below.

Do not submit on any day you are not available ALL DAY LONG.

Rate is $64/8.

Email two recent pics to

1) Name
2) Email
3) Phone
5) City You Currently Live In (Please do not submit if you live more than 2 hours away, unless you work regularly in Savannah.)