Casting for a Non Paid 5 minute short in High Point, NC

Casting for a 5 minute short that will be filmed in July in and around the High Point, NC area.

You must be 100% available for this film.

This is non paid but there will be food and drinks provided on filming days and you will receive a copy of the film once it’s complete for your reel.

Please do NOT submit if you do not fit the description of the characters we are looking for.

If you are selected for an audition we will email you with the sides to do an at home audition.

Please do NOT submit more than one email. If you do we will not consider you.

In the email please send us your head shot and resume and let us know if you are 100% available for filming in July.

Send your emails to

Sam: Male, aged late 20’s-early 30’s, any ethnicity, has the attitude of an outgoing youtuber, very laid back and prankster style

Wayne: Male, aged late 20’s-30’s, any ethnicity, is portrayed as a journalist for a newspaper. Mature and well put together.

Britney: Female, aged mid-late 20’s, any ethnicity, spunky and outgoing