Southern BG Casting

Just found out we need a few people for second unit tomorrow night please read:

Need a few men and females to work downtown as pedestrians call time around 8:00pm..

NOT all night.

Need heavy outer wear as it is winter in Chicago.New faces only please. Ages 30-55. Any ethnicity.

Rate 88/10 Subject: 2nd pedestrian

Photo dbl: All call times below are around 8:00 pm

adult Caucasian male to photo dbl ages 45-65. salt and pepper hair. height 5’8-5’10 weight 160-170 rate 150/12 subject: Hank dbl 2nd unit

Adult Hispanic male to photo dbl ages 25-45. Drk brown to black hair. Height 5’10-6’0 weight 160-180 rate 150/12 subject: Jessie 2nd unit

Caucasian Female to dbl a kid.. long brown or black hair. Height 4’11-5’3 weight 100-110. ages 18-25 rate 150/12 subject:Jane dbl 2nd unit

Hispanic Female to dbl a kid. long black or DRK brown hair. Height 4’11-5’1 weight 90-110. ages 18-25 Rate 150/12 Subject: Lori dbl 2nd unit

Caucasian Male/female to dbl a kid. dark brown shaggy hair. Height 5’2-5’5 weight 110-145.ages 18-25. rate 150/12 Subject: Dylan dbl 2nd unit

Please submit a photo of yourself with your height and weight. Ages and clothing size. please do not forget to include your phone number.