Need four actors and 2 crew members. “Dinner with the Prudes”, holding auditions at 5:00 PM, Monday February 3rd at the Living Arts College in Wake Forest/Raleigh, NC.

Posted on Feb 3 2014 - 10:10am by Kevin P. King

 “Dinner with the Prudes”,


Hello and my name is Nick Doup. I am working on shooting a short film called “Dinner with the Prudes”, and I need four actors and two crew members for this little project.
First the characters of the film.

Ricky Hickson:

A down-home hick 19-year-old kid looking to get some of Candi, but unfortunately, he isn’t all that bright, and doesn’t get much of her advances. He’s trying to impress his girlfriend’s parents for dinner and then when the time is right get some of her “pie” for dessert. He also favors western movies and loves The Man with No Name trilogy. If he can’t bed her, he can at least entertain her with some of the classics.
What I’m looking for: A teenage hillbilly who’s got some good looks and could pass off as classy if needed.

Candice “Candi” Prude:

An 18-year-old stripper-in-training, Candi isn’t shy about wanting to be the field that Ricky’s tractor plows on. But she has some ridiculously gullible yet strict parents. To them, she is the classiest thing since the Aston Martin. But in real talk, she’s as classy as a Colt 45 in a paper bag. A product of the Millennials, she doesn’t really know anything outside of her time. She thought the Titanic was just a movie, at one point.
What I’m Looking For: A sexy actress that isn’t shy to make innuendos like her name was Austin Powers, or dress like it’s an after-school special.

Jack and Julie Prude:

An wealthy family, Jack and Julie Prude have made money on the real estate circuit. Their biggest accomplishment, their daughter Candi. To them, she’s classy and sophisticated. But they don’t know her in reality. Julie wants nothing more but to make sure her daughter finds the right man and live a good life to continue the Prude name, and Jack seconds this sentiment as well. But he doesn’t like it when folks try to get “intimate” with his pride and joy.


The last guy that tried that disappeared. Jack is more laid-back than Julie, who likes watching John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.


What I’m Looking For: Some middle-aged folks, Jack can look like someone that got out of the Mafia. Julie can just be a standard 40’s-something mother.

We are holding auditions at 5:00 PM, Monday February 3rd at the Living Arts College in Wake Forest/Raleigh, NC. Please email me an headshot and your headshot to If you are a first time actor, please email me if you are interested in any of the four roles.

As a part of the crew, it’s really simple. I need two members to help me and my producer set up shots (lighting, props, etc.)

And if you have any questions, please email me at

Remember, auditions are at Living Arts College at 5:00 PM on February 3rd, 2014.

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