REVISED POST (age range change) Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta, For “The Originals” -for next WEDNESDAY, FEB 5th filming in MACON, GEORGIA

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 6:25pm by Kevin P. King


Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta

REVISED POST (age range change)
for “The Originals” -for next WEDNESDAY, FEB 5th
filming in MACON, GEORGIA

***Please read carefully- A LOT of details to read over**
Thank you!!!

Casting for CAUCASIAN MEN and WOMEN, ages 18 to 75, to be guests at an Opera in 1920- there will be some graphic murderous action on the stage that you will be watching!

Films in MACON and there will be a $20 bump to help offset gas cost if you are from the greater Macon area (for going to the fitting up in Conyers)
if you are traveling from the greater Atlanta area on the work day to Macon.

NOTE 1: FIttings will be one of the following days:
tomorrow, FRI 1/31 – OR Sat 2/1- OR Mon 2/3
so you MUST BE AVAIL for a fitting one of those 3 days
(FYI – Fitting times start midday and run until early evening).

NOTE 2: Due to available costume sizes
WOMEN -you must be between a size 0 to 10 dress
MEN- you must be between a size 36 to 44 coat

NOTE 3: MEN, the only facial hair allowed is a mustache (that we can shape) and you must be ok with a haircut to look 1920’s. It’s a nice haircut!!

AND PLEASE put “FIGARO in MACON” in the subject


CURRENT PHOTOS- Please make sure you send a good face photo from the shoulders up, with no other people in the picture and a photo of you, from the waist or knees up in a pleasant look. Your hair length should be visible in at least one photo.

Then please List the following:
Email address (please list it for convenience and clarification IN the body of your email)
CITY and STATE where you live
Women: Dress size, Bra size, waist and Shoe
Men: Jacket, collar, sleeve, waist, inseam and shoe

LIST which DAY(s) you are open for the FITTING

NOTE: YOU MUST BE WILLING TO WORK as a local IN MACON, GA, for the filming and to go to CONYERS, GA for the fitting.
The pay is $60 for 8 with O.T. after that. Fittings pay 1/4 check of the base ($15). There is also a $20 gas bump for either the fitting or the work day, depending on your distance to either city.

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